What Size do I Need?


Not all guns are created equal, and neither are our hands.


The variation of hands and guns plays a vital role in firearm ergonomics and user experience. Hands come in many sizes, shapes, and strengths, directly influencing how individuals hold and control guns. Grips that are comfortable for one person may not suit another due to differences in hand anatomy. In response, manufacturers produce firearms with various grip sizes, angles, textures, and contours to accommodate these variations. Some models even offer adjustable grips or interchangeable back straps to further customize the fit.

The relationship between hand variation and gun variation is essential for achieving optimal ergonomics. Manufacturers aim to strike a balance, creating grips that suit the average hand size and shape. However, customization through accessories like pistol grip enhancements allows users to tailor their firearm grip to their specific hand anatomy. These enhancements can provide a more secure grip, reduce recoil, and improve control and shooting performance.

The Grip Control  takes the relationship between your hands and the gun to a new level.  You will instantly feel the increase of control and confidence.  You will discover what your support hand can really do to improve your speed and accuracy!!

Now that we have established how important the GRIP is, HOLD THAT THOUGHT. Let’s talk about HOW to grip the gun to begin with.  We are going to use the support hand forward or thumb forward grip.  Where your thumbs end up on the gun will vary depending on the size of your hand/gun, but you get the idea.






If you are middle aged and you have been shooting for a long time, chances are you learned one of these techniques, we all did. Don’t fret, you can learn the modern way quickly with the help of the Grip Control.

Those are basically plinker techniques. Shooting tin cans on a farm, bang – 2 seconds bang – 2 seconds bang . . . . . . when shooting like that, grip does not matter. But more on that at another time.

Virtually every modern day competitive shooter uses the forward grip.  Thankfully the Grip Control is going to help you and make you REACH forward for it, which is exactly what we are looking for.

Though hands come in many different sizes, the Grip Control comes in 3 sizes, #3, #2, and #1. As a general rule the #3 size places the Grip Control Pad in-line with the front of the trigger guard. Size #3 is the size that’s furthest out and the #2 is the middle size and the #1 is the size closest to the trigger. Fig.1 Consequently #2 size is approx. 3/8”-1/2” back towards the rear Fig.2.

The placement is not a hard and fast rule. On smaller guns, there is simply not enough room to spread the Grip Control out any further. There are also restriction because of the mechanics of the gun itself.

Though your grip is critical to fast & accurate shooting, the position of the pad is not super critical. It does not need to be a “perfect” fit for it to be extremely effective.  In our tests, we have found shooters speed/accuracy is not effected by which size they use.  Shooters certainly may prefer one over the other but it does not result in a performance change.  The one exception of course, is if you have small hands and cannot reach the Size #3 pad at all. 

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