About Grip Control

So how did the Grip Control come into being?  It started simply enough, I was just trying to be a better shooter, well more accurately, a faster shooter.  I loved watching Jerry Miculek run his pistol like a fully automatic machine gun, it fascinated me.  He is obviously a shooting Phenom, but was there a way I could get faster.  So I started watching competitive shooters and I noticed how they had all kinds of gadgets bolted to their gun.   Did they know something I didn’t know?  Turns out the open category guys (super-fast/accurate guys) all use something called a “gas pedal”. It’s basically a barn door bolted to the support hand side of the gun. What does it do? Well its simple physics. It allows you support hand thumb to reach out forward and put downward pressure on the barrel mitigating recoil and muzzle rise, which will result in faster “Return to Target (RTT).  Additionally, it will help keep your support hand firmly on the gun without having to constantly adjust your grip (milking the grip).  It is extremely effective, but not practical for an everyday carry gun.

There were some other products out there that utilize the accessory rail but they were still too bulky and are not in the right place for you thumb. Still others that were merely little bumples that did nothing. We could do better.

The design criteria was:

  • No machining drilling/tapping, cutting etc.
  • No Gunsmith required for installation
  • Easy to install or remove in < than 1 minute
  • No special Tools required
  • Must fit into concealed carry holster
  • Fit a large variety of guns
  • Something every gun owner would want to add to their pistol
  • Be beneficial to improving gun ownership and safety

So we started mocking up a multitude of different prototypes and giving them a try.  We tested so many variations, the gun was literally buried the them . . . . . . . .    The Grip Control was born.

Grip Control is a game changer! Many firearm enthusiasts like to refer to the Grip Control as a folding gas pedal, folding thumb rest or folding gas pedal. Simply put, Grip Control is a folding pistol grip that improves confidence, speed and precision. We have many models to choose from and introduce more all the time.

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