Springfield Echelon


Grip Control is a folding thumb rest for your support hand that replaces the disassembly lever, it allows for more control over your gun during firing. Grip Control improves confidence, speed and precision. Easy to install and fits in most holsters.

Grip Control, the folding thumb rest for pistols, install rating

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The Springfield Armory Echelon pistol represents a significant leap forward in the realm of personal firearms, combining Springfield Armory's long-standing reputation for quality with cutting-edge design and technology. This pistol stands out for its exceptional accuracy, enhanced by a finely tuned trigger that offers a crisp, clean break, making it a joy to shoot for both seasoned marksmen and newcomers alike. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable, secure grip, enhancing control and reducing fatigue during extended shooting sessions. The Echelon's robust construction and reliability under various conditions underscore Springfield Armory's commitment to durability and performance. Additionally, the thoughtful integration of modern features, such as improved sights and ambidextrous controls, speaks to a deep understanding of shooter needs, making the Echelon a versatile and highly capable firearm for defense, sport, and tactical applications. With the Grip Control, be ready to take the Echelon to the next level!!

Our Thoughts

Kyle: The Echelon shoots really well right out of the box. I like the adjustable grips because the I have small hands but when adding the Grip Control. I had better control over muzzle rise. I had better control in general. The stock trigger is a little heavy from what I am used to but overall a really good gun with the Grip Control.

Chief: The mid-size frame fits good in your hands, nice texture grip. It has a short trigger reset and a smooth trigger fall. Springfield has attempted to increase thumb gripping by adding a slightly raised textured area just in front of the trigger guard. Cleary adding side grip for the thumb is a growing trend but it falls way short of what the Grip Control can offer. Having said that, once installed the gun comes into its own. Smooth flat, fast and accurate, me likey.

Additional information


Size #3 Left Side, Size #2 Left Side, Size #1 Left Side

Sizing Directions

Use the trigger as a reference of where your supporting thumb would sit comfortably. There is a roughly 3/8 of an inch difference between the sizes.
Size #3 is the size that’s furthest out and the #2 is the middle size and the #1 is the size closest to the trigger.

Ceramic Coating Details

Grip Controls are made of a special alloy that will resist corrosion wear and will withstand high performance with your pistol however, it is designed to be softer and ware before any of the stock gun components, so it’ll experience more abrasion and consequently the ceramic coating may show signs of wear.