Sig Sauer P365


Grip Control is a folding thumb rest for your support hand that replaces the disassembly lever, it allows for more control over your gun during firing. Grip Control improves confidence, speed and precision. Easy to install and fits in most holsters.

Grip Control, the folding thumb rest for pistols, install rating

Designed for all Sig P365 models, except for the AXG Legion.



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The Sig Sauer P365 pistol, a true game-changer in the world of concealed carry firearms. Compact, yet powerful, this exceptional sidearm packs a punch while maintaining a slim profile that is ideal for everyday carry. Sig Sauer has reimagined what a micro-compact pistol can be, combining high capacity with unprecedented ergonomics and precision. With its innovative design, advanced features, and superior reliability, the P365 is the ultimate choice for those who demand maximum firepower in a compact package. Step into a new era of concealed carry with the Sig Sauer P365—a true powerhouse that will redefine your expectations and with the Grip Control (folding thumb rest/ folding "gas pedal"), be ready to take the Sig P365 to the next level!!

Designed for all Sig P365 models, except for the AXG Legion. Please navigate to the Sig Sauer P365 AXG Legion page if you are interested in that model.

Kyle: P365 very good conceal gun, shoots well, slide spring is a little heavy, really nice trigger when added grip control and amazing gun extremely fun to shoot P365 feels good in my hand good natural grip

Chief: This is one of my canceled carry guns. It’s also my wife’s favorite too. It’s a little snappy but the Grip Control really tames it and allows you to put all the rounds on target in a fast fashion.

Additional information


#3 Left Side, #2 Left Side, #1 Left Side

Sizing Directions

Use the trigger as a reference of where your supporting thumb would sit comfortably. There is a roughly 3/8 of an inch difference between the sizes. Size #3 is the size that’s furthest out and the #2 is the middle size and the #1 is the size closest to the trigger.

Ceramic Coating Details

Grip Controls are made of a special alloy that will resist corrosion wear and will withstand high performance with your pistol however, it is designed to be softer and ware before any of the stock gun components, so it’ll experience more abrasion and consequently the ceramic coating may show signs of wear.